In little over seven weeks, ShieldsUp have proudly delivered almost 18,000 face shields across the country, to help Kiwi’s like you and your team

As our country is now opening up and other viable commercial options for the purchase of face shields exist, we now consider our work to be ‘Mission Accomplished’. We are no longer taking requests for Face Shields

Never fear, if COVID-19 does flare up again, we will leap back into action, so consider us in hibernation for now. 

“We immediately started using them. We found these were well made, robust and well suited to purpose. They gave us a level of protection lacking before. In a nutshell we were very grateful.”

Dr Christine Coulter
Team Medical Paraparaumu



  • Made by a huge team of Kiwi Makers by 3D printing and using locally available materials
  • Can be cleaned and reused
  • Helps protect first responders from Covid-19 


These shields are now available from commercial sources,  and demand has reduced now that lockdown is over, so our mission is complete. 


About the ShiELds

We rose to action when doctors and other health professionals made the issue known in our community. Whilst totally unconventional, our network of Makers around the country is likely the best solution for providing alternative PPE shields.

Thousands of shields have already been distributed to medical professionals & first responders in New Zealand. 

Simple, and effective,  they are clean but not sterile on delivery, but they are washable and reusable.  A few notes about these shields:

Please use only where absolutely necessary. Although these are made to be disposable, we are flooded with requests for shields. Please clean and reuse if you can. Thes shields can be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol based cleaners.

These are clean but have not been sterilised. We have taken every precaution to keep clean manufacturing environments, and minimize any handling with bare hands. But please remember these have been made in people’s homes, garages, offices and workshops. 

They are not made from high temp plastics. The frame of these shields has been 3d printed and if exposed to temperatures above 70°C they will become soft and start to warp. Consider this for any sterilisation method. 

We are not suppliers of official medical grade PPE.  While we have blessings from various DHB’s to distribute these face shields, this initiative has no official backing by the Ministry of Health or any other government department. So please understand, these are to be used at your own risk.


ABOUT THE Dental shields

ShieldsUp offered a purpose built dental shield, based on feedback we have received from dentists. This version differs from our standard model in that it sits further from the face, accommodating loupes and other equipment.




To the NZ Maker Community & SUPPLIERS

The design for this face shield comes from the 3D printing community, specifically Prusa Research, who worked with the Czech medical authorities to refine the design to their needs.

People with 3D printers and companies that cut and work with plastic sheets can help us produce the parts for the shield. 

There are basically three parts:

A face shield of clear PVC or PET plastic, with holes punched to mount onto the frame.

A 3D printed frame that fits securely on the head and leaves enough space for people who wear glasses.

An elastic band to hold it on.