In little over seven weeks, ShieldsUp have proudly delivered almost 18,000 face shields across the country, to help Kiwi’s like you and your team

As our country is now opening up and other viable commercial options for the purchase of face shields exist, we now consider our work to be ‘Mission Accomplished’. We are no longer taking requests for Face Shields

Never fear, if COVID-19 does flare up again, we will leap back into action, so consider us in hibernation for now. 


  • They are clean but not sterilised 
  • They can be cleaned and reused
  • We are improving the design as we go
  • You can donate to cover costs
  • More details here


Mission Accomplished.

We have delivered over 18,000 shields all over the country, but they can now be obtained from commercial sources, so we are no longer taking requests for Face Shields