This all began in a wild flurry of emails and phone calls. On Tuesday 24th March Tim Carr from Mindkits sent out an email to his customer base. It was an SOS to his network calling to immediately download and start 3d printing a face shield design from Prusa Printing, an idea that had been suggested by Jason Barnett at Mind Kits. Within hours these were being produced in garages in lockdown.

People scrambled to “borrow” their printers from work and start building up a stock of shields. In the background an enormous network of like minded people linked together on an app called Slack. Within 48 hours we were processing well over 10,000 orders, had set up production networks, logistics networks, had begun crowdfunding and collaborating with front line Doctors in Kapiti (Dr Christine Coulter, Team Medical, Paraparaumu and Dr Monika Vieregg, City Gps.

Production of the clear visors has begun and we anticipate getting the first large orders delivered very soon.

Everyone involved in this incredible process was doing a different job last Monday. ShieldsUp was created to unify our common goal of getting our front line medical personnel better equipped to deal with Covid-19.

We are all deeply humbled by this unified response. We have read the comments from Doctors and donors thanking us for our efforts. None of us wanted to be doing this but all of us are doing this. The speed and efficiency with which things have been established would make large companies wonder where they went wrong.

This was all achieved in lockdown, at home, online. So from everyone who has supported us, messaged us, liked us we thank you. For everyone waiting for a ShieldsUp shield, we thank you too. Know that we are there working as hard and fast as we can – for you, your families, and ALL OF US.


Tim Carr

Jason Barnett

Martin Vieregg